Our Church


Northside Baptist Church exists to give an accurate representation of God and His coming kingdom. We seek to do this by sharing the good news that Jesus Christ has lived the righteous life we all should live and yet won't and can't, and has paid the penalty of death for not living righteously on behalf of all those that will believe in Him.

By accepting this fact, we realize the truth that we are great sinners, failures, and rebels; that Jesus paid the penalty of death for all of our sins, failure, and rebellion; and that His righteous and perfect life is given to us as if we had lived it even though we did not. This amazing love is the foundation of everything we do, and helps us to be a family that shows life being lived as our Creator designed it to be lived. If you share a belief in this truth that we are great sinners but we have a Great Saviour, or if you would like to know more about it and see it in action, please join us--we'd love to have you be a part of God's family and the part of it that is Northside Baptist Church!